Welcome to FreeNET

Freenet.com allows you do-it-yourself conferencing capabilities with 24 hour automated access to reservations and scheduling-all absolutely free!

You are at liberty to initiate your calls as needed, with a maximum conference size of 100 lines for a 3 hour time period, available around the clock 365 days a year.


Welcome to Freenet

Now conducting long-distance business meetings, training sessions, and your  many other reasons for conferencing just got better. Freenet allows do-it-yourself conferencing with 24-hour automated access to  reservations and scheduling.  All you need is valid  e-mail address. The cost per participant is free, with a maximum conference size of 100 for a 3-hour time period available 24/7/365.  Freenet offers toll-free dial-in numbers as well as customer support, anywhere, any time, and our 24-hour automated instant access to the system provides you with a quick, easy, and reliable solution to conferencing. Our all-digital connections and bridges provide all the lines you will need and crystal-clear digital audio signals that eliminates static and reduces  other audio distractions during your call. Now there is no excuse not to use  FREENET conferencing the next time you  need to be in touch get in contact with your sales force or business   associates for that next important meeting.  Sign up today, and be ready for your hassle-free conference call within minutes. No teleconferencing charges, no participant fees, no hidden costs.

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